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Interim results of our work 


On the two pictures is one of our youngest, once in 2009 and again in 2015


When the association "Casa des Anges" was founded in 2010, there was a lack of everything:

  • the children lived in a ruinous accommodation without sanitary facilities

  • they often didn’t have enough to eat

  • money was lacking to send school-age children to school

  • medical care was insufficient

  • the children did not know what playing means


"The children were shy and they hardly had any visitors, they were afraid of my camera," reported one of the first volunteers.

Now in 2015:

  • "Casa des Anges" has built a house for the children, with showers and toilets

  • the children receive two hot meals per day

  • they can all go to school or to kindergarten and after finishing school they receive an education  (professional or high school)

  • medical assistance is guaranteed

  • the children play in their free time, take part in the cultural life of the village, attend classes in the school and are engaged to different activities in the church.


"The children are receptive and interested, they love the visits from volunteers and other people" says a volunteer who returned in January.


In these five years, Constantin has developed from a malnourished child to a cheerful boy. We are caring for him, as for all others, and firmly believe that we can help many other children out of trouble to a confident life!

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