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Prayer is always the most effective form of assistance for another person; it gives the kids power, so that the children can be full of life, even if they suffer from life-threatening diseases.


The children themselves pray a lot. Each morning, before every meal and at bedtime. That's nothing unusual in Cameroon, where the kids pray every morning at school and also neighborhood festivals often begin with a common, often ecumenical, prayer. 


A child always volunteers to lead the common prayer. Mostly "Our Father", "Hail Mary" and "Oh, my angel." Often, at the end they sing all together. The youngest has become very good at reciting and on the event of the baptism of the first eight children from the home, she led the prayer and after she spontaneously blessed the priest.

The children pray with pleasure for their supporters, who often even saved their lifes. Maybe you can also think about them in your prayer!

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