In Switzerland, the association "Casa des Anges Switzerland" deals with the financing and development of the project. "Casa des Anges" has an office, which is responsible for accounting, administration and fundraising locally in Bayangam. There is a regular exchange, ensuring the optimum coordination of activities between the two organizations. Membership can be requested using the registration form.



Association board in Switzerland


President: Tassé Tagne Jean Oscar, Vikar


Vice-president and association manager: 

Caroline Pollastri, Dipl. Sozialbegleiterin


Actuary:  Monika Roncuzzi, Teacher


Finance: Christian Hertig, Teacher


Assesor, communication: Agnieszka Rychlewska, MA International Economics 



All board members work on a voluntary basis.

Association in Cameroon


Children's home Manager:

Foppa Dountsop Euphrasie Lysette, Teacher in Lycée technique Dschang