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The choir


Experiencing the choir "Casa des Anges" , you experience African songs, rhythm and vitality. The performance of the choir enriches church services and different festive occasions. Some impressions:


 "... As the choir started dancing and singing in the church, it seemed as part of Cameroon would be moving in..." - worship in March 2012, Apostolic Church in Kölliken


 "... The drumroll and foreign songs that slowly moved in with the choir in the church, put us into another world. The strong voices, some of devotion, some cheerfully blaring their songs in the church beyond the rhythms and the bright colors of clothes attracted us all... "- January 2014 worship for Polish Mission in the Catholic Church Heart of Jesus Church in Zurich


 "...  the fiery temperament invited everybody for enthusiastic singing - the priest and worshipers were clapping hands to the beat of the African rhythms ... - Pentecost 2014 Catholic Church St.Antonius in Obfelden


Our choir director Oscar Tassé is happy to respond to your requests and invitations:

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